Monday, 9 June 2008

*K2 tog, Sl1,PSSO repeat to end.

It is a whole new language, but today I worked out what that meant and I made this for Chicky Babe. (I did do about 5 hours of school work, although I haven't finished it yet!)

I also learnt how to do the embroidery. The instructions had a knitted pattern but I wasn't ready for that just yet! Chicky Babe was delighted the pattern and colour was just as she wanted.

Apparently I am AWESOME!
Now it is 2am and I have to go to work tomorrow obviously I am also a little bit silly.

P.S the flowers in the previous post are some type of protea (I'm not sure if that is how you spell it. The computer doesn't like it but offers no sensible alternative!)


one little acorn said...

Good work. Awesome actually!
Hope you survived work after the 2am finish.

Kirti said...

wow Ms Hen, how wonderful, the knitting, the painting and the photos.