Saturday, 14 June 2008

Too busy to Blog!

I'm just taking a quick blog break (I no longer smoke, so previously it would have been a smoke break. It's coming up to almost 5 years smoke free now.) I've had a busy school week still managed to not finish my reports! So that is a weekend must do.

I am currently putting things into my studio cupboard. Each shelf has been labeled:- Painting-Acrylic; Painting-Water colour; Jewelery; Ceramics; Mosaics; Drawing & Printmaking. I also have a set of drawers that I have started putting tools, drill, sander etc into.
I have started a design for a lino print but I cant find my lino cutting tools and there are none at my new school to borrow for the weekend. Hopefully I will find them in my relocation drive today.

My friend Tim was going to come and give me a hand to shift some heavy stuff ( I have one more cupboard to go from the bathroom into the studio for extra storage in there and so that I will be able to shift the washing machine, which is in the bathroom, and therefore create enough room in the bathroom for the claw foot bath that is sitting in the garage at present.) Unfortunately he has slept in and is running late. So I am on my own for now feeling just like the little red hen again. I'm pretty strong but not strong enough to shift a cupboard and the worlds heaviest Jarrah table on my own. So I'll just keep working on the small stuff for now.

Right I'm back into it.....


fifi said...

oh, now I have knitting envy AND cupboard envy. I do have an art cupboard, but it is so disarranged I am in danger everytime I open the door. I keep the printmaking stuff on the top shelf, so clearly I am some kind of idiot. It always drops on my head.

one little acorn said...

Hope all the moving went well and you found your lino tools. Don't you hate it when something like that goes missing!