Saturday, 7 June 2008

painting or procrastinating

This is what I did tonight rather than write reports.
I knew the pears would be greenish pears but I was unsure of what colour the background would be. It wasn't until I went to upload my photos that I realise where my inspiration had come from.

Three new teacups. The pink one has the most beautiful translucent blue glaze inside. Once upon a time they were a set of 6 now only three cups remain although all saucers are present. $4 in an op shop!

Look at the colours of these flowers. They looked lovely stacked together in bunches in the shop and I just had to treat myself. But it wasn't until I looked at them through the camera lens that I truly got lost in the beauty of their colour and delicate form.

I love my camera, I've said it before I know but just look at the delicate feathery center and the soft creams and pinks! Thank goodness for digital images, a hundred images and you delete the bad and select/print the ones you want.

So soft and feminine and such a contrast to the next image.

Beautiful. I wish I could write poetically because I am sure this little flower has so much to say! It seems to be falling or maybe reaching ...I know it is a little melancholy.

So thats where the colours came from and I suspect the need to paint. The pears are something I have been playing with for some time and need to finish, there are a good many more to do and one to repair. They come from a reaction to a sense of being a consumable. There was a need to reclaim the pear as being mine and something real not a representation of something else. I buy pears of all shapes, colours and sizes not to be eaten but to be observed and drawn.

And painted.

I am sure that anyone watching me select pears in the supermarket or fruit shop must think I am a bit fruity myself. I have to get the most interesting and, or the most beautiful examples of the type of pears I am looking at.

They are beginning to lose the significance they once had and are becoming plain pairs. Just as I had hoped.


fifi said...

So very beautiful. Pears are lovely forms to paint, and good because they belong to you and your space. The cups also are just divine, I never ever seem to happen upon things like that in op shops, truly. I do look.

I paint a lot of still life pictures, it is nice to disappear into the world wher the only thing that matters are colours and shapes and relationships.but to me, cups and flowers and fruit are essential and potent things which are part of being female.

I am sure now you can do your marking. As for me, I am putting off mine till the night before then I will punish myself by doing the whole lot at once.

You should do another picture of those flowers. Wha ARE they? I never saw them before.

one little acorn said...

I have recently painted, drawn and about to lino cut a pear or two. I know what you mean about funny glances in the supermarket. It is an important decision! Great work!

Love the mosaic too.