Friday, 30 May 2008

A knitting frenzy

I made this scarf this evening to go with my new hat. I came across a brooch / pin I made back nearer art school days. Copper wire some kind of gem stone (can't remember which) and drift wood collected from the beach after a storm (my favourite time to go to the beach).

I had hoped that the scarf would also match the hat a friend of mine made for me- she who has inspired me to delve into this knitting frenzy of late!

I'm not sure if the red in the scarf is quite right for the red of the hat. Maybe I'll have to make another one after all.

This clasp is made from twisted copper wire and glass beads. I made it as a hair clasp but I think it could work here.

Chicky Babe was quite taken by my hat this morning and my outfit this morning was greeted with a "Hey COOL! Can I wear it? Don't be surprised if it ends up in my room." The best compliment I had all day. A teenage daughters approval is a rare and special thing!

When I made this scarf I felt it needed an interesting clasp, this lead me to have a little search for the driftwood piece. I am feeling a pull to make some more jewellery. Maybe soon...

I have been instructed that my next project should be a woolly hat with the ear covers for Chicky Babe. One with lots of colours and patterns. Not sure if I am ready for anything too complicated yet. I might cheat and get her to choose wool similar to the scarf that makes its own pattern or perhaps some embroidery onto it...I'll check out what is available on line.

Is anyone else out there having trouble loading photo's onto flck-r?

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