Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tuesdays teacups on wednesday again!
I love the reflective, translucent quality of the glaze on these. And the teaspoons are really cute. I am thinking of making some serving spoons and forks from silver with similar simple forms. I've been perusing antique books looking at ones from the early 1900.

I tried making oven roasted/ semi dried tomatoes. they were delicious. Roma tomatoes were on special at the local vegie shop. I sliced them in half drizzled over a bit of olive oil and a tad of balsamic vinegar, seasoned them with salt and a bit of sugar and popped them in a hot oven until they looked about right (40 mins I suppose) Fantastic on crusty Italian bread with feta.

Today I made a start on a huge mural at my school. The kids have done some drawings of people engaging in "healthy activities". We talked about how this does not just include playing sport- very much the school ethos, I am deep in the heart of football worshiping land. Kids have arguments over 'dockers' and 'eagles' and are stunned to hear I don't follow it at all- we talked about healthy food , relationships and learning as all being a part of a healthy life.

So now we have drawings of people enjoying walking the dog, having a picnic with family, playing at the beach , reading books and growing vegies. Today I finally put pencil to wall and spent 2 and a half hours after school making a start on it. Bantam Boy came to help going over the pencil lines with texta for a little more definition for the kids when they come to paint.

I'm not sure if I am happy with it. I know that is more than likely just me, as people who walked past stopped and said "Wow" "Fantastic" etc and the kids who were playing around after school were chuffed to see their drawings going on the wall. I am really trying to keep a sense of the children's art work arranging them in a way that tells little stories yet keeps the lack or loose sense of scale that is often present in children's drawings. It is actually larger than I realized! I'm going through that anxiety stage at the beginning of a project when you have a lot of people counting on what you are doing and when you care about what they think!

Why is it that when I have a small bit of expensive quality chocolate hidden or saved for after dinner ( after both cherubs have devoured a family block earlier) , Bantam Boy finds it, eats it (he does ask) and then I get fat???!!??


fifi said...

That tea set is lovely, I would love to paint it a la Marg and Thea...

I hate the footy thing. Thank God the kids didn't want to paint the grand final or something. The mural sounds grand, and fun too.

I tried roasting some tiny tomatoes which are overunning my garden. They turned out like sultanas.
Your look much more professional: so far noone in the family will try mine.

little red hen said...

I thought about painting them in the same manner too. They seem to be calling out to be painted with the reflections on their surfaces.