Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Two Friendly Little Tea Cups

These two little cups made their way into my china cupboard from an 'op shop'. They never had saucers, well let me rephrase that, since I've known them they never had saucers, but I love them just the same.

I'm rather partial to things that are not quite perfect. I like the obvious 'hand wrought' quality of a hand made item The little knobbles that connect you to the maker of the piece. It's the little lumps and bumps and bits missing that reflect something real and honest.

I think that today where so much is mass produced, Bantam Boy and I are alarmed about what the archaeologists will dig up of our time. What a lot of 'stuff'! (He likes to watch those late night shows about past cultures and religion with me- we have some fascinating discussions as a result.) I think this is also why I love the 'thrift' thing. So many things are discarded and replaced I like the thought of making use of things from the past and have done long before being carbon neutral crept into our vocabularies. It's good actually because now I have validation for my obsession.

But back to my love of the two little imperfect tea cups- This is a recurring theme for me and not in relation to things. I often fall in love with the imperfections in people too, have done since I was a little,little girl. In primary school I always befriended the kids the others avoided. (In the seventies political correctness and equal opportunity were new concepts and in general kids can be very cruel)

I was quite pleased to hear the registrar at my school refer to me as 'lovely but a little crazy'. (I always misplace the account slips and forget which day of the week it is etc. She was particularly amused by the fact that I won't open letters if they look scary. I put them to one side and open them a few days later if I feel up to it.) It's cliche, I know , but the imperfections are what make others interesting, and indeed human. Why then do I expect perfection from myself? Although I must say that I am of late becoming more accepting of my flaws and am beginning to become rather attached to some!


one little acorn said...

'lovely but a little crazy'... I agree, it is something I would be pleased about also. Love your blog - just had a thorough read.
Some really nice pics and like watching the growing crochet. How is your studio going? I love the idea of a studio garden. Lovely.

fifi said...

I gave a paper last year on nostalgia and objects...it mentioned teacups! I think paintings should be made of all of these cuppy pictures.definitely.

I too hate openibng letters...so I don't, which is why my phne is always getting cut off, hah

I was described by my boss thus:
"you are completely crackers...but you PRESENT so well"