Sunday, 18 May 2008

No idea at all what to call this post...

I've been quite unwell with a bad cold that ended up on my chest this last week and a half. I just managed to get through the day really and had little energy left to blog. I bought this water lily to cheer me up and it has been delightful. It was $4 for one bloom but what a lot of impact just one has! It was fascinating to watch it slowly unfurl.

This is the center of the same bloom taken in the evening without a flash. Isn't it beautiful?

Here is another little still life ready to be painted. I adore this cute round little silver jug. The drawing in the background was done by Chicky Babe about 5 years ago.

This is all I've been able to do lately on the creative side. I had the day off on Friday and spent the couple of hours that I was awake tucked up on the lounge watching crappy midday TV making a few more squares. I also made a scale drawing of a couple of ways of piecing it together, just to have an idea of where it was going and have calculated I will need about 200 of the tiny squares in order to complete the rug to my desired size. I have made 21 so far! I thought it best to sew in the ends and block as I go as this can be rather tedious. Now they are like puzzle pieces or Leggo. I like to play with them and arrange and rearrange them and just look at them. Sadly I don't "have a life".

Speaking of crappy TV- and please don't judge but....
I was watching Desperate Housewives and two of the women were at odds because the newer of the two had come along and taken over the 'domestic goddess' role that Bree had filled in the group of friends. It was her contribution to the group, her identity and what made her special. This has kind of stuck with me because a couple of weeks ago I caught up with a group of girlfriends I have known for some time and felt decidedly superfluous. I wondered what my role was and what it was that I bought to the group. There are four lovely ladies all completely different, one practical and straightforward, another intelligent and confident, one lovely and uncomplicated, the fourth artistic, a little confronting and more complicated. I sometimes feel like a watered down version of the "artistic" one.
I'll ponder this a little more...
Maybe it was the beginning of the flu making me feel out of sorts, but you know what it is like when something creeps into your head. It is far too late to be thinking at all. I must go to sleep!

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fifi said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. The water lily is very beautiful and a nice way of cheering oneself up. I just did the same!

the rug is so lovely, I felt like having a play with it myself, arranging it, it will be wondeful when it is done and you can wrap yourself up in such a treasure.

Desperate Housewives? ugh, I dont watch tv. But all I can say ids I sytruggled for about a decade with the fact that I am a crap mother and wife, and I am only good at "useless things" and all the things I love about myself are quite pointless.
But now I don 't care. I am what I am, and If I'm not good at domestic goddess stuff, pfft.

(not like I never feel guilty, oh, no. But at least I stopped beating myself up about seem like a good blend of creative and practical to me.)