Thursday, 29 May 2008

Knitting, learning and growing.

I received a call from the local council- Bantam Boy took the call while on study break. The fellow was wondering had I received the notice they had sent some time back and would I call him re the addition to the house.

I didn't want to call thinking it would be bad news that I would after all have to remove the "out building" enclosure of the patio. I fretted and thought about putting it off but I didn't. I rang this morning. He wondered if I had got the letter the council had sent a few weeks ago.

"Do you mean the approval letter for the studio, err patio enclosure thing?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"Are you referring to the earlier one about the lack of approval for the enclosure?"

I told him I had spoken to someone in there about it and put in papers and the building had been approved. Oh, he wondered who did you speak to? I couldn't remember I spoke to several people. Obviously they don't speak to each other!

So I worried for nothing, but I didn't worry for as long as I could have done! I am also making an effort to open my letters as they come and trying to deal with things as they come up!

The next thing will be trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour rather than spending the wee hours trying to nut out what the knitting patterns actually mean. I decided to make a hat following a pattern.

I started....

Realized I'd not cast on properly (provisional casting on), so with the aide of this site
I started again....

Still it was not right so I frogged it and returned to the help tutorials. I started again Frogged it once more......

I think I've got it! Wedge one of eight to make a woolly hat from this designer who has some free patterns. I really love this sweater and if I learn how to do this knitting thing I might just buy the pattern and give it a go. The good thing is the pattern goes up to larger sizes too.

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