Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tonight's Project

I'm feeling much better. Here's tonights project. I couldn't do any more crocheted squares and have been dreaming of a bag with crocheted flowers on it. So struck with the need to make something I bought takeaway food (yummy pasta- not as natural and fresh as they claim though I think!) ignored the mess and got out my needles and threads.

Chicky Babes discarded bag.

Fabric embellished with the flowers I crocheted (from previous post- wish I knew how to make the link but it is too late to be mucking about with that- it's probably too late to be doing this too on a school night!)

Close up of flowers and embroidery. (I love my camera!)

I've pinned the fabric to the bag just to see if it fits and how it looks. ( Sorry that photo is a bit blurred, it's me not the camera!)

I still have to add some glass beads and pearl buttons for the flower centers. I couldn't find just the right thing with what I had at hand. I may need to do more rummaging through my bead and button collection, but it is enough for tonight.

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fifi said...

Totally awesome...and the red and blue are so lovely together. I am envious of your skill!