Monday, 5 January 2009


Yesterday I started my day with this.
A lovely cuppa using my tea cosy made for me by my dearest friend 'A'.

I wore only this. (there being no-one about to protest!)

I spent a great deal of time here crocheting (and snoozing)...

with my feet up.
Or browsing on the computer.

There was no-one to complain about lingonberry jam and organic butter on toast for lunch.

Later in the day I went here (wearing more than just my sarong!)

with Tim and Pablo (Tim is the human friend, Pablo the doggy friend.)

Until it got a bit too dark and we almost couldn't find the walkway back up to the car!

Today has pretty much been a repeat of yesterday. Some years ago I would have been incredulous at the thought that I could happily spend time all on my own and not feel lonely!


fifi said...

Tomorrow I will be the same.

I think it all sounds perfectly lovely. Especially the jam. And I really love the sarong. I am going to wear one in your honor tomorrow.

Sarah said...

It sounds lovely. That tea cosy is AMAZING.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Sounds like close to a perfect day!