Sunday, 11 January 2009

how does your garden grow

Today I spent time working on the patio area leading through the french doors to my lounge/dining/kitchen and next to my studio, For twelve months it has had empty garden beds. They needed to be filled with soil. Tim and I (well honestly mostly Tim) have shifted two cubic meters of soil. My step father went and got us a couple of trailer loads from the local garden supplier. It was $50 for a trailer load -1 cubic meter or $170 to have it delivered.

I found a cheap black tub that fitted perfectly between the fence and the limestone garden bed/seat. It is so soothing to hear the water trickling ...

while relaxing in one of my favourite chairs. These chair frames belonged to my grandmother, Cammy. I love them. When I inherited the 4 of them they were just the frames. It took me ten years to find the pattern (Thank goodness for the internet!)

I planted about 40 plants today. Then because I wasn't happy with the arrangement I lifted about 8 and rearranged them and replanted them. Some I bought but some I managed to find tucked away in various parts of the garden, or in pots begging to be put into a more permanent home.

As a result my back is killing me and I found myself stuck momentarily in my favourite chair- wishing I had had the swags made for them some ten years ago when I was young and sprightly and laughed mercilessly at poor old people who get stuck in chairs!
Because Ron had been generous with his time and my mother has been impatient to see progress in the improvement of my home I thought I would invite them over for a BBQ.

I spent time washing things down , sweeping and straitening the chairs and cushions etc. Mum was suitably impressed. We are now planning a mother daughter mosaic making afternoon- she wants a mosaic table top and I'm planning another for above this new little pond. I positioned it directly opposite the french doors so that when they are open they will frame the mosaic as you view it from inside.

Mum was impressed with the meal- just a simple BBQ with chili, soy and coriander marinated chicken on satay sticks, lamb steaks and a plain green salad and a potato salad with wholegrain mustard and sour cream dressing. I cheated and dressed a shop bought pavlova shell with blueberries, strawberries and cream. I was given the highest compliment ever in my mothers eyes. She said my cooking was in league with Poppy, her dear grandmother, my great grandmother whom she loved very deeply. In her eyes Poppy was the dearest most lovely person in the whole world. Her cooking was renowned and was equated with love and nurturing. So I feel extremely flattered!

As I was preparing to do this post I thought we often show the best bits of what's happening around us , the tidied up before shots (well after cleaning, before the messing again.)

So I decided to show you what my lovely table looks like now.


I attempted to create an unusual table center with an assortment of coloured glass jugs which were going to have tea lights in them but I couldn't manage to get the tea lights lit and then I got distracted. (I can be a bit like that sometimes)


Note all the sugar on the tablecloth in the foreground of the photo- I think that was Bantam Boy.


Sarah said...

You used a STORE BOUGHT pavlova?!
After I put that lovely recipe up on my blog? I'm deeply hurt.
Just kidding.

Mum and I want to start a veggie garden once the weather cools down. I can't believe you're doing all this in the middle of summer. The raised garden beds are a very good idea, though. I think we may have to get some for our garden because if we plant things at ground level Jasper will probably get to them.

fifi said...

My GOD you are industrious! I don't know how you keep all this up!
beautiful garden! Lovely everything.

next time Im in WA i am coming straight to your place. then we wont have to meet in dark corners LOL!

inkberryblue said...

You have been busy!
I'm looking forward to seeing your mosaic.

Kirti said...

wow. what a gorgeous nest ms Hen. I love how you say;
"Just a simple BBQ with ....(insert outrageously fabulous gourmet something)....etc"