Tuesday, 6 January 2009

another quiet day....

I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to use the computer to create a design to go onto fabric. ages ago I found this site where you can send in your fabric designs and they will print it off for you so you can have your own unique fabric to work with. I have done silk screen printing in the past but I'm not really set up for doing large pieces of fabric- so I thought I'd try this out one day. Anyway I tried to use adobe... I wished the kids were home because it took me HOURS to do this simple thing and I can't now figure out how to make it repeat itself! There must be a very easy way, surely.
(the missing image is the pear above- goodness knows what I did!)
Then I moved onto drawing with a pencil.... I am so rusty. I should break my successful resolution to have no resolutions and resolve to draw more regularly! So that I can manage to do half the things I am dreaming of doing, half as well as I'd like to.
(Sorry this is so faint but I don't have my technical advisers to show me what to do to make the image darker! This is darkest of the lot! A shame because I like the one of the kids better, it looks a bit like them. Funny isn't it that my own face just seems to escape me when I try to draw it.) P.S I published this post firstly with just the drawing then I spent some time painting one of the little sketches- Hmmm.. it's been about 12 years since I've used watercolour and I need more practice! I mucked up the faces, the eyes are particulerly tricky especially when they are so small. Oh! I should have worn my magnifying reading glasses!!!

Spending today pretty much the same as the last two.

I'm about to make coffee in a cute little teacup Tim bought for me yesterday.

(Note to self do not have four coffees and then a red bull with thyroid medication and only one piece of toast and a small piece of cheese for the whole day- it will give you the shakes!)

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Luhlahh said...

Sounds like you are also enjoying your holiday! Cheers to you!