Thursday, 8 January 2009


Well the kids are back. It started before they even got back into town. While having lunch with 'A' the message alert went on my phone. It was chicky babe
Message 1: "r u coming to get us or do we have to catch the train from perth the freo and then another bus home"

Reply 'No I'm coming to get you A lives nearby the bus station so that's why I'm here for lunch"

Message 2; 'I just thought we would have to catch the train"

Reply 'No of course I'll come and get you'

Message "can i meet m(the ex boyfriend) in town"

A flurry of messages ensued - Warranted queries on my part Where When Who How will you get home etc etc
And gruff vague replies on her part first on her phone until it ran out of battery then on Bantam Boy's.

I was not keen to allow her to travel on her own into perth so BB and I went to the Gallery and had a look around. And then we went into Freo to get BB some CD's because you can never have enough and after south bound he had to have some from the bands he saw. Then I rang to find out how far away she was thinking that as I was already in freo I would perhaps have a coffee and wait to pick her up. But she decided it was easier to go to Murdoch (another line entirely) and bus to M's where I could pick her up when she was ready!

Today I have been to M's again so they could go to the beach. She was alarmed to find I would pick he up at 3;30 or at 10. Why so late!!
Well strangely enough I have plans.(meeting a friend for drinks before she goes of to Albany)
Then I ended up taking both kids to the beach - we took the scenic route, I got lost and although M had been there several times, his mother reassuring me he knew the way he never paid attention. All the while the phones were beeping Where are you messages.
Apparently I am known as the crazy over protective mother who always gets lost! (I did ask them not to swim out too far. In my defence a man was eaten by a shark not far from the beach 10 days ago, and the news is full of shark stories at the moment. And I think I am doing well to let them go although it does my head in to deal with the conflict of wanting to keep them safe and give them the independence I know I must!
Anyway when I finally found my way home from the beach it was almost time to take BB to the pool to meet his friends. At least he was flexible enough to let me have time to have a coffee and some breakfast!
Soon I will have to pick him up again but Chicky will get a lift home later, so I can go out and have a bit of fun myself.


Kirti said...


Kirti said...

oh those precious moments to self...those afternoons at the beach (how I do miss them. Relish it all oh Queen of Cups. (good blog name for you eh!!)

Sarah said...

I think it's kind of funny how parents and kids keep texting one another to the point where it would've been easier and cheaper to call!

fifi said...

That's very funny. I thought of you the other night,
The Girl needed a lift home from a concert, thank god one of the other parents was in the city: i didn't manage to stay awake! (of course, i would have if they hadn't called to say they had a lift)...but I was asleep when they came in and went to bed. I swear i would sleep through the end of the world...

I am still enjoying my Holy Time alone, though i have partly gone crazy from daydreaming uninterruptedly.